Video Production Process

Let our producers do the work..

The Production Process

There are many scales of production from a PSC Crew (Portable Single Camera) to a full film unit with a number of departments within it. Whatever your requirement we have the experience and production team capable of delivering your production.

Here at RTR TV our producers and production managers will oversee your production every step of the way.

We split the production process into 5 parts

  • Pre-Production
  • Principle Photography
  • Post Production
  • Delivery
  • Strategy Management

  • 'Pre-Production'

    Our producers will go through your production requirements and discuss your brief thoroughly. A creative brief will then be put together concentrating on content, style and mood. We will then discuss costings and outline options to suit your budget. When you are happy we will instigate a storyboard and shooting script this will then be created by one of our in-house illustrators. This will enable you to visualise what the final film will look like post shoot.

    Our production managers will then prep the shoot, which will involve crewing, location management, call sheets, risk assessments, release forms and much more...


    Scripts . Storyboard . Production Management

    Principle Photography/The Shoot

    Crew . Location . Studio .

    Post Production

    Edit . Motion Graphics . File Delivery

    Audio Dub

    Voice Over . Audio Dub . Mix

    'Principle Photography' or 'The Shoot'

    This is where our directors, production team, crew and talent come together and work to get those rushes looking great and ensure all the pre-production and conceptual work becomes a reality.

    Our crews have extensive broadcast backgrounds and productions are shot on the right format for your production, we film on the latest equipment including HD 1920/1080, 2.5K and 4K. If specialised equipment such as Drone or Phantom high speed cameras are required we have the crews available to accommodate.

    'Post Production' or 'The Edit'

    Our edit suites work around the clock to ensure productions are delivered on time.

    Post production is split into 'Off-Line' and 'On-Line', at all stages of the edit we are in contact with our clients. Films are uploaded for viewings and feedback throughout the off-line process. We are more than happy for clients to sit in on an edit if desired. Once the off-line cut is achieved we will then on-line which will include grade, motion graphics, titles and audio mix.

    We have a large selection of Voice Over Artists to hand and even composers if bespoke music is required.

    'Delivery and Strategy Management'

    We deliver in any file requested by the client, master copies and files suitable for web use are also provided.

    We don't just deliver and fade away, we are more than happy to work with you and ensure you receive the best return on investment from your film. We can create strategies for social media with regards to present and future productions and ensure your films are suited to the latest social media duration formats and platforms.

    For further information please contact one of our producers.