Mark Oulson-Jenkins

Director of Photography | Executive Producer

Mark Oulson-Jenkins | Director of Photography

Quick Bio

Mark is Executive Producer at RTR TV with 25 years experience in the broadcast and corporate sectors. As a Director of Photography, Producer/Director he has extensive experience filming in over 50 countries worldwide. These include hostile environments and war-torn front lines throughout the Middle East and Africa.

He has filmed many award-winning films such as "Afghan Massacre, the Convoy of Death" and "Sudan History of a Broken Land" which had viewing figures of over 104 million viewers. As a camera supervisor he has managed large technical crews, such as Carmen Electras "Perfect Catch'. As well as filming many popular shows he has proved himself a highly successful corporate producer (over 100 corporate films to date) and understands what it takes to bring a product or brand to market utilising video and TV advertising.


Keeping Up With the Kardashians . Africa Rising Clover Films. Pineapple Dance Studios . Different Breed Pulse . Dancing Boys of Afghanistan (UK Crew) . The Perfect Catch . Gok's Fashion Fix . The Real Swiss Family Robinson . Twiggy's Frock Exchange . Whiskey in a Jar . The Lord of the Wing . Celebrity Apprentice . The Apprentice Selling Yourself . So you think you're Royal . The Worlds Greatest Dishes . Don't Move Improve . Celebrity Place in the Sun . My Place in the Sun A Place in the Sun . Dream Team . Ruth Rendell Mysteries . The Tenth Kingdom (Making Of) . Bugs

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